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The CKAA Hall of Fame was founded to honor outstanding athletes, coaches, volunteers, board members & other individuals, who have made meaningful contributions to the lives of those in the CK community over the years.


Decades of Tradition

Criteria for Hall of Fame


The minimum requirements for submission to the CKAA Hall of Fame are as follows:

  • Applicants/recommendations may be considered for the CKAA Hall of Fame:

  • if deceased or living.

  • if they were part of CKAA as a player, coach, volunteer, or umpire for at least five years.

  • if they contributed to the CKAA community in significant ways.

  • if they are a person of good character, integrity, and sportsmanship.


There are restrictions annually placed on the maximum number of inductees.  Nomination forms will be kept and reviewed annually if a candidate is not inducted.

CKAA reserves the right to remove any individual from the Hall of Fame for personal conduct which reflects discredit upon the league.

Hall of Fame Nomination Process


The nomination process for submission to the CKAA Hall of Fame is as follows:

  1. Nomination deadline Dec 1 each year.

  2. Nomination submissions reviewed by Historian.

  3. Historian reviews to ensure minimum criteria:

    1. Completed nomination form.

    2. Narrative provides enough detail to demonstrate the contribution to CKAA.

  4. Nominations are presented to the Executive Committee.

  5. The Executive Committee presents top candidates to the full board during the January board

  6. The final vote is made on inductees during the January board meeting.

  7. Inductee(s) honored during spring Party at the Park (March).

Hall of Fame Nomination Form


Nominee Information:

Nominee was a _____ totaling 5+ years at CKAA.
Nominee is:
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The nominee is/was a person with: (Check all that apply)
Nominator's Information

Thanks for submitting!

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